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Precise ELA Flat Bottom Cap is available!

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Strata RDA Instructions are viewable here.

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Precise Simplicity 18350, 18500, 18650's are now available! Don't forget to get an Integrated Kiklet for your Simplicity too!

New Top Cap's for the Precise ELA are up for sale. These have either a Traditional Cross Slot, Mag Wheel, or Flower design as seen on the Titanium Simplicity 18350/18500.

eFest 4.8v NI-MH 600mAh batteries are on sale for $2.99 from $6.19.

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We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service.  Super T also carries AW lithium ion and IMR batteries in most popular sizes including the 18650, 16340, 123A, 14500 and 10440.   Super-T also ships internationally, please contact us for details. 

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Super T Spotlight
Precise Simplicity 26650
Precise WorkHorse Precise WorkHorse Telescopic Precise Simplicity 26650
-Adjustable Center Post
-Palladium Plated Contacts
-Shielded Button
-Extra Durable Construction
-Made of Stainless Steel
-Three sizes: 18350, 18500, 18650
-Ships 2-3 business days

-Telescoping Unit allows usage for 18350 to 18650 battery sizes
-Palladium Plated Contacts
-Made of Stainless Steel
-Ships in approximately 2-3 business days

Accessories available here
-Uses a hybrid adjustable post
-Palladium plated contacts
-Uses a brass lock ring to stop accidental button pressing
Comes in a Smooth, or Ribbed Body along with a Polished or Satin Body and End Cap Finish
-Made of Stainless Steel
-Ships in 1 business or less
-Atomizer and tip not included. Please refer to product description
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Precise Simplicity 26500
Whistle Tip Non-Drip
Whistle Tip Drip
Precise Simplicity 26500 Whistle Tip Non-Drip Stainless Steel T-Tip Whistle Tip Drip Stainless Steel T-Tip
-Uses a hybrid adjustable post
-Palladium plated contacts
-Uses a brass lock ring to stop accidental button pressing
-Made of Stainless Steel
-Polished finish
-Ships in 1 business or less
-Atomizer and tip not included. Please refer to product description
-Fits 510/901
-Fits 510/901
In Stock In Stock In Stock
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